StruggleXchange is a nonprofit organization where we build community and equip high school and college students for the struggles of life.


Our mission is to end suicide, depression and toxic relationships by training and empowering young people to be a catalyst for change. Our organization focuses on self-care, builds confidence, and teaches them how to cultivate healthy relationships through effective communication and self awareness.


Our leadership program

StruggleXchange has designed a leadership program to help students address the problems they face. Our seven-week program focuses on the following areas:

Bringing awareness to the startling statistics concerning depression, suicide and abusive relationships
Developing acceptance and appreciation for their body and the bodies of others.
Learning how to build relationships based on mutual respect, support, trust and honesty.
Learning how to communicate needs, emotions and boundaries clearly.
Increasing knowledge and understanding of their own character, feelings, desires and motives.
Learning how to trust in their abilities, qualities and judgement.
Developing acceptance and appreciation for their body and the bodies of others.

Students will be able to:

  • Create self-care routine to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Identify and cultivate healthy relationships
  • Effectively communicate their needs, boundaries and challenges

Students will become:

  • More self-aware
  • More confident
  • More equipped to deal with the struggles of life

Students who complete this hands-on program will become official members and are prepared to lead discussions, host events, launch a StruggleXchange student-led organization, and raise awareness on their campus and across the globe.  Official members are eligible to apply for scholarships, care packages, internships and volunteer opportunities.

We believe by educating, empowering and equipping these young leaders we can have a positive impact on the statistics of suicide, depression and toxic relationships among young people.

Our leadership TEAM

Courage Molina

Courage Molina

Founder & Executive Director

Courage Molina, author of Power Principles Courageous Living and entrepreneur  is founder and executive director of StruggleXchange.

Olivia Heyward

Olivia Heyward

Board Member & Creative Director

Olivia Heyward, Lead designer & owner of OH Creative Boutique a brand design company, is the Creative Director of StruggleXchange.



Student Advisory Board

Appalachian State University

Our Partners & Sponsors 


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